Does it matter which week I go to SUNIA?

Nope! Both weeks run the same program, just register for whichever week works best for your schedule. However, you can only register for one week!

I can’t afford registration, can I still go to SUNIA?

Yes! We have never told a student they cannot attend SUNIA because they cannot afford to. Students can apply for scholarships and bursaries that are awarded on the basis of academic merit and/or financial need. Click here for information regarding funding, or contact our registrar, Victor Frunza, for more details.

Social Studies is anything but my favourite class at school, will I enjoy SUNIA?

Many of our past students (and counsellors!) have enjoyed SUNIA without having Social Studies be their favourite subject.

Are there classrooms at SUNIA? Do I have to study?

No! Students don’t do homework at SUNIA. Instead, they participate in a variety of hands-on activities, hikes, and campfires. 

When should I sign up for SUNIA?

Although our registration deadline is July 1st, spots tend to fill up before then. Your best bet is to sign up sooner rather than later to guarantee yourself a spot. Registrations after we hit capacity may be wait-listed.

Who are SUNIA counsellors? How is student safety ensured?

Most of our counsellors are university-aged students, or recent high school graduates. Student safety is our top priority at SUNIA, and all counsellors are first aid certified. We maintain a 5:1 student to counsellor ratio, and all SUNIA counsellors are familiar with their surroundings at Goldeye and on the hikes.

Will I be camping in tents at SUNIA?

No, you will be staying in heated cabins at the Goldeye Centre. You just need to bring a sleeping bag! All of the buildings at Goldeye are heated and powered, with hot water on-site. Click here to learn more about our location.

Is the food good at SUNIA?

Yes! The fabulous staff at Goldeye Centre prepare all our meals fresh daily, with snacks and refreshments available throughout the day. Needless to say, many staff members leave SUNIA every year with a few extra pounds…

Can SUNIA accommodate for dietary restrictions?

SUNIA is able to accommodate for most dietary restrictions, but if you have any concerns or questions about our food or about other dietary restrictions, please contact our registrar, Victor Frunza.

Can SUNIA accommodate for disabilities?

SUNIA strives to be accessible for all of our students. If you have questions about accessibility at SUNIA, please contact our registrar, Victor Frunza.

How do I get to SUNIA?

For more information on transportation options to SUNIA, visit our location page.

How many students go to SUNIA?

60–70 students attend SUNIA each week.

Can I go to SUNIA more than once?

Nope, sorry! Students can only attend once.

How old do I have to be to attend?

Students are high school aged, which means you can attend SUNIA if you've just finished grade 9, or just finished grade 12, or are anywhere in between. This roughly translates into a 14-19 age range. 

Are there any extra costs after the registration payments?

No. Transportation to and from Red Deer, transportation to the hikes and back, accommodations, food, and even canoe usage is included in the price and will not cost students extra to use or be part of. The only addition cost to students is the purchase of SUNIA merchedise such as t-shirts or hoodies. However, this is of course optional.