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August 11-16th // August 18-23rd

SUNIA is a week-long program all about empowering young people to impact the world around them. Save a state from the brink of failure, resolve a border dispute, participate in a mock Security Council, and more. Hike, swim, and canoe in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. All in one week.

An invaluable opportunity for young students to gain first-hand and realistic experience in the area of international affairs and United Nations activities.
— Stephen Lewis, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN

Our Program

SUNIA’s all about empowerment. For 67 years, students have come to SUNIA to gain the tools for change. Challenging issues are explored on both a local and global scale. Students also hike, canoe, swim, and gather around the campfire. This combination might seem strange, but the feedback is hard to argue with. Broaden your perspectives, get informed, and learn how to make a difference. Read more about our program below

dates for sunia 2019: 

Week A: August 11th–16th // Week B: August 18th–23th


Security Council

In our United Nations Security Council debate, you will take on the role of one of the 15 nations currently on the UN Security Council  in a debate about an international issue that the UN is discussing as of August 2019.  Learn more...


SUNIA is all about hands-on learning. Exploring complex topics such as immigration, failed states, and sustainable development by placing yourself in various scenarios. Work your way out of crisis and learn while doing it.

United Nations Speakers

SUNIA hosts two United Nations officers from the UN Headquarters in New York. These representatives stay and participate in all activities alongside students, so there are ample opportunities to learn about the work they do. SUNIA also has the privilege of hosting one officer of the Canadian Department of National Defense in order to learn about Canada's involvement in International Affairs. Learn more...



Check out our blog!


Yes, SUNIA does have a blog! Check it out every second Friday to see updates on our program for this summer, tips for surviving high school, and more! We also run a series called “Staff Speaks” where our counsellors will share their favourite musics, books, and more!

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Registration is now open for SUNIA 2019! 

Week A: August 11th-16th // Week B: August 18th-23th


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