Thank you for your continued support

SUNIA would like to thank our alumni for their continued generosity. Our program would not be possible without support from past participants and counsellors. Our alumni play an integral role in maintaining our legacy and ensuring that SUNIA remains accessible to all students. We encourage all alumni to stay connected to our program and assist in making SUNIA a success from year to year. In our 67 years of operation we have never turned away a student due to a lack of funding. This is something we’re very proud of and hope to continue with your assistance.

If your donation represents a business, please read our Business Sponsorship Package.

If your donation represents a community group or organization, please read our Community Organization Sponsorship Package.

payment options

This year, we have encountered issues with PayPal and have therefore started to look into alternative payment options. If you would like to donate to SUNIA, please fill out the form below to indicate your desired amount, and we will be sure to get in touch. You may also send us at cheque at the following address. The cheque should be made out to SUNIA.


PO Box 52114

Edmonton, AB T6G 1C0

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