10 Ways to Make Travelling Easier

By: Erika Hurl

We all travel at some point or another, so why not read some advice about travelling? Whether it’s a trip to see family or a far-off destination, flying can be stressful. However, there are ways to make it easier on you and everyone. Here are my top 10 tips for smooth skies:

1. Wear comfy clothes to travel! Who cares if you don't look runway-ready - if you're comfy it makes the trip more bearable. When it comes to flying, wear clothes that will keep you warm on the plane but are easy to shed if you get hot.

2. If you parents are illiterate at tech, check- in for them. This makes being at the airport easier because you already know what's happening with boarding passes and luggage. Also, this way you don't have to suffer through helping them, just to have them delete the entire process by accident.

3. Get e-tickets if possible. This way you won't lose the ticket on your way to the airport or in the airport somewhere.

4. Be able to lift your own suitcase. Even if it means packing lighter, this makes most parts of travelling easier. You can carry it if needed, but you're also not reliant on other people to move it for you. If they volunteer to, let them, but at least you can do it yourself!

5. Bring your phone/iPod fully charged. Everyone assumes there will be a plug to charge their device on the plane, but not all planes have made it that far yet, some planes are plugless!

6. Bring a book or something tech-free to do on the plane. We spend lots of time on our phones, so use this time to read, colour or do a puzzle.

7. Good headphones are necessary! You don’t want to miss 2 hours of napping because the guy next to you won’t stop talking to his buddy. Get headphones/earbuds that work for you but also give you your peace. 

8. Get luggage straps/identifiers. Use one of these bad boys when you travel so your generic black suitcase doesn’t go around 5 times before you realize it's yours!

9. Bring snacks. Airports are overpriced as hell. You will probably get hungry so bring some crackers, chips or something easy to eat that will make it through security.

10. REMAIN CALM. Travelling can be tough especially if things go wrong. But, if you remember to breathe and stay calm, you will make it to where you're going.

So, enjoy the journey and remember: the adventure starts once you leave your house!

Erika Hurl