Staff Speaks Pt. 2: New and Exciting Artists!


Andrew: A funky band I’ve been listening to lately is Vulfpeck. Their music has a vibe that I can only describe as whimsical, joyful, and unapologetic. I would recommend tracks such as “Back Pocket,” “1612,” and “Animal Spirits.”


Emma: I recently discovered this super cool Norwegian singer named Sigrid. She’s only 21 but she is producing absolute jams left and right. Her song “Don’t Kill My Vibe” can get me through anything.


Anna: Recently whilst spiralling down a VEVO rabbit hole, I discovered Billie Eilish. Wise beyond her years, her lyrics offer deep insights into life and love. Did I mention she also has the voice of an angel? Starter songs I’d recommend are “Ocean Eyes” and “Lovely,” a recent collaboration with breakout artist, Khalid.


Michael: Roy Woods is an up-and-coming rap/R&B artist from OVO Sound. He is lyrically gifted and remarkably talented. His first studio album “Say Less” features one of my favourite tracks ever “Monday to Monday.” Especially if you like Drake’s “Views” or “Nothing Was The Same,” you should give Roy Woods a listen.


Amelia: I really love Noah Kahan. His style is chill and kinda Indie/Folk…it’s a funky mix. But it’s great to calm down with. His songs range from more upbeat to really slow and calm and chill.   


Jenna: I really love Dottie James, a poet who usually posts on her Instagram or YouTube channel. She has a way of seeing the world with so much wonder, and I appreciate how she can see both the beauty and pain of life and be able to embrace both. Her videos are extremely creative, and you can tell she loves what she does with so much passion. She definitely makes me think about life (one of my many hobbies), and I always feel a little lighter after hearing her.

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