Scholarships & Financial Aid

Over the course of its 67 year history, SUNIA has prided itself on being able to provide opportunities to attend for families of all income levels.

SUNIA offers a variety of scholarships from third-party sources. These include the Alberta Teachers’ Association, and the United Nations Association of Canada. Please select this payment option if you have already applied for or received one of these scholarships listed on our dedicated web page.

Additionally, SUNIA offers bursaries for families that cannot afford the full cost of the program. This funding comes directly from SUNIA’s budget, and there is a limited amount available, thus we encourage only those who indeed require assistance to apply. Applicants will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire that discusses their motivations to attend our program, as well as their financial need circumstances. Requests for bursaries will not be approved until July, and will be followed up on individually by the Registrar.

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