The Goal: An Engaging and Unique Experience

Since its inception, SUNIA has had the goal of giving its attendees a unique, well-rounded and engaging experience where they can learn about a range of social and political issues. This means that in addition to the hiking, canoeing, campfires and other things you might expect from your summer camp, our program has a wealth of different opportunities for you to engage in activities that aim to broaden your perspectives, as well as learn valuable material about a variety of relevant topics. 

What is expected of students? Is there anything to prepare? 

As both former participants and students, our Staff understand the value of summer as a break from the classroom, and that everyone has their own unique learning style. As part of this, we aim to make our educational components as engaging and accessible as possible to everyone, meaning that there is no preparation required to attend SUNIA. Even during the program, SUNIA Staff has worked hard to ensure that all program components are interactive and provide all the necessary resources. Anyone who comes to SUNIA can expect that their time there will be far from any typical classroom experience - the only thing that is expected of you is that you come with an open mind, eager to learn and share!


Program Components


Model United Nations Security Council

In our United Nations Security Council debate, you'll take the role of one of the 15 nations currently on the Security Council and observer nations in order to debate an international issue that the UN is currently debating as of August 2018.




Discussion Groups

Groups of students and counsellors that discuss a wide range of topics. These are loosely structured so that you can discuss the subjects you find to be of interest - from pop culture to politics. 


United Nations Speakers

SUNIA hosts two officers from the UN Headquarters in NYC.  They spend the entire week with us, and participate in all activities alongside us, so there will be many opportunities to learn about the work they do. SUNIA is also proud to host one member of the Canadian Department of National Defense in order to learn about Canada's involvement in International Affairs. 

Global Development Simulation

SUNIA aims to make complex and pressing issues, such as global development, accessible to everyone through activities and simulations. 

Volunteer and Social Change workshops

Get the chance to work with your peers to develop the skills necessary to make a change in your community, your country or the world!

Press Conferences

You'll have the opportunity to observe and participate in debates on social issues in the form of a mock press conference. 


From starting recycling programs at their schools, to becoming Members of Parliament, past participants of SUNIA have gone on to incorporate the knowledge and ideas they gained during the program into a variety of different places. Our goal at SUNIA is that every student is that every student leaves with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and the tools they need to bring that knowledge back to their communities.

Student Discussions

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