For Parents

For over 60 years, parents in Alberta have been getting the same excited question from their kids: “Can I go to SUNIA this summer?” No doubt the first response from parents has often been some version of the question: What is SUNIA?

You can find lots of information about SUNIA elsewhere on our website, but we want to ensure parents feel comfortable and confident about signing the permission forms to approve their child’s participation in our program.

SUNIA offers a safe and secure experience. We have used the Goldeye Centre for many years because of its fully trained staff, exceptional location and superb facilities. All counsellors must obtain a police check and have the appropriate training to keep your children safe. Every year, a team of counsellors visit the Nordegg area before Seminar to ensure the safety of all hiking trails.

SUNIA counsellors are dedicated to making your child’s experience just as great as it was when they went through the program. All counsellors have attended SUNIA in the past, so they understand the needs of participants. They are volunteers who give up many hours during the year and two weeks of their summer so that the next generation of students can enjoy the benefits of SUNIA.


SUNIA provides unique long-term benefits because of its twin focus on education and recreation. Students learn about global issues with the help of officials from the United Nations and Canada's Department of National Defence. The program is updated every year by our volunteer staff so it always provides current information about international events. Your child will come away from SUNIA with a deeper understanding of how the world works that will make them better citizens and students.

The recreation program is designed to challenge participants in a safe and supportive way to discover their own potential. Their experiences in the magnificent Rocky Mountains will build new confidence in their abilities that will carry over into future endeavors.

Most importantly, SUNIA is a chance to meet students who share an interest in learning more about the issues they will face as they grow into leadership roles. Many SUNIA participants build lasting bonds that provide support and encouragement as they continue on to post-secondary education and their careers. While educational and career advancement is not the primary goal of SUNIA, it is just one of the many benefits that parents may appreciate as they consider the question: “Can I go to SUNIA this summer?”