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Amelia zaiane

Amelia “Mango” Zaiane is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. This kind, heartwarming, and fun-loving SUNIA counsellor will be someone who you won’t forget meeting. Amelia is one busy gal; she is currently part of her school’s Poetry club, Student Union, Yearbook club, and leads social studies peer tutoring initiatives within her school. In her downtime, Amelia enjoys dancing, swimming, music, and saving the bees. When she’s not saving the world, Amelia enjoys binge-watching documentaries of any kind, reading super nerdy non-fiction books, and listening to chill music. Amelia’s love for food and dedication towards her work captures the essence of her inner Hufflepuff. Amelia has a deep love for languages and language-learning - when asked what her superpower would be, she chose the ability to speak and understand any language in the world. Amelia is super easy to talk to, and can chat all day about Swiss Modern Design. She is super approachable and is one the kindest people you’ll meet out at SUNIA. Amelia is super stoked for SUNIA and can’t wait to meet everyone at the camp!