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Alumni Donations

Donations Recieved: $10,854 Goal: $13,405

Buy a Staff member at IBW!


Are you coming to IBW this year? Do you wish you had a tiny rookie friend to feed you, bring you beverages, and entertain you however you wish? Luckily we have five beautiful rookies who would love to be of service, for the low price of $200. Check out our fine selection of rookies includes:

  • Michael DeMarco, PC Coordinator

  • Alex Erickson, Estafri/Promo Lackey

  • Alexandria Padilla, PC Coordinator

  • Samina Rashiq, SNG Coordinator

  • Amelia Zaiane, SNG Coordinator

You can learn more about them here


Non-rookies, naturally, have a little more pride with a few weeks of Seminar under their belt, and so they cost a little bit more, but will be an equally good time to hang out with during the weekend! Our menu of non-rookies includes:

  • Emma Jones, Executive Director, 4th Year

  • Victor Frunza, Security Council Coordinator, 4th Year

  • Freia De Waal, Estafri Coordinator, 3rd Year

  • Anna Goplen, Promo Director & WRECK Coordinator, 3rd Year

  • Jenna Mulji, Tooz Coordinator & Funding, 3rd Year

  • Andrew Zhao, Promo Director & PL Coordinator (new program component!), 3rd Year

  • Ayman Adwan, ESC Coordinator, Twookie

  • Erika Hurl, Registrar, Twookie

You can learn more about them here

Staff Already Purchased

  • Victor Frunza

  • Freia De Waal

  • Ayman Adwan

  • Alex Erickson

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Choose/create an antic staff must do this year - $50

Antics are an important part of what makes SUNIA such a magical experience for students. Do you have an antic idea you never got to use while you were a staff member? Do you just want to embarrass staff a little bit? Whatever your motivation may be, for fifty dollars you can create an antic, with as much or as little detail as you would like, and we will send you a video of staff enacting it out at Seminar.

Choose a song you would like to be on dance tape - $10

Thursday night we surprise students with an unexpected dance party, and you can be part of the fun by choosing a song for us to play at the dance.

Choose a cabin skit genre - $20

As a form of intra-cabin bonding, students create skits to be performed on Tuesday night after the murder mystery. We've used the same five genres for years, so you can create some new dramatic possibilities for only twenty dollars.

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Operational Donations

We encourage you to partner with people you may have been on staff with to make a group donation to an aspect of SUNIA's operations. 


Sponsor a Security Council - $8,300

We'll send you thank-you letters from the students who benefitted from your donation, photos of your council at Games Day, and a video of them performing their cheer. 


Sponsor a Discussion Group - $2,975

In discussion groups, students get a chance to take a break from the craziness of SUNIA and get to know their counsellors and fellow students better. By providing a donation that covers scholarships for each member of a Discussion Group, you provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for five students. 


Sponsor a Bus - $2,500

You may or may not have heard of Donna, our intrepid bus driver, who has been with SUNIA for almost ten years. Donna has been an invaluable part of the SUNIA experience for those years, keeping kids entertained, helping us pull off Hidden Hand, and even hair-drying songbooks that were left out in the rain. Help us pay for Donna and her bus! 


Sponsor New Songbooks - DONATION ALREADY MADE!

We've updated our campfire songbook lists to make sure we're still hip with the kids (but don't worry, many of your old favourites are still there!) Thanks to your donation, we'll be able to print beautiful new songbooks. In exchange, we'll send you one!


Sponsor a Country - $2,380

You can pick which country (of those currently on the Security Council) that you would like to sponsor, and we will send you a picture of the students in your country, a little country flag, and some fun background info on their foreign policy and role in the South Sudanese conflict. Not only do you get to change the lives of four students, you get some bonus international affairs knowledge! 


Sponsor Lecturer Accommodations - $900

One of the things that makes our program so unique is the opportunity we give students to interact with guest speakers from the UN. That being said, it's also one of our largest expenses. You can help us out enormously by sponsoring lecturer accommodations for the nights they are not staying at Goldeye. 


Sponsor Lecturer Flights - $700

We are really honoured to have representatives from the UN Headquarters in New York, but flying from JFK to Alberta can get expensive! Help us give students access to one-on-one expertise and experience by sponsoring a lecturer's flights.

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Sponsor TOOZ Supplies - $50

This year's murder mystery takes place at an Oscars-style fancy party (which you can read more about if you scroll down!) With a fifty-dollar donation, you can help us buy some fun supplies like invitations, decor, and a red carpet, to help give TOOZ some extra magic.


Choose a rap song to be parodied at TOOZ - $30

There will be lots of rapping in TOOZ this year, and for thirty dollars you can choose one of the songs that we parody. We'll send you the music video we create based on your selection!  

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Buy Things for Staff

Buy staff food for Seminar - $20

You may remember how good it feels to sit down at Evening Meeting with a warm bowl of Mr. Noodles, slurping down ramen to help you feel like a human again after a long day of climbing Mount Baldy. You can help stock staff cabin with some go-to snacks for staff and keep them going through the week.


Buy staff lots of food - $50

The same good things, just even more.


Buy staff coca-cola - $40

As much as we like food, we also like Coke.


Buy staff printing supplies - $50

This is becoming rather important. We need to print things to run SUNIA, and your help in this department would be most appreciated. As we like to say, "get toned, stay toned".  Help us kill trees and grow minds.

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Student Scholarships

These donations will go directly to covering the registration fees of students who have requested bursaries. In the fall, you will receive a thank-you letter from the student who benefited from your donation, along with a tax receipt. Please note that if you choose to donate by PayPal, the fees will be added on top of the amount you are donating so that we can provide the full amount of your donation to the student. 

  • Sponsor a Full Scholarship - $595.00

  • Sponsor Half of a Scholarship - $295.00

  • Sponsor a First Payment - $200.00 

  • Sponsor a Second Payment - $395.00

  • Sponsor a Partial Scholarship - $100.00

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General Donation

If you'd like to make a donation other than any of these specified amounts, that's also possible! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or would like any more information about donating! Donors who contribute more than $600 will receive an additional SUNIA gift basket with their donation.