As a registered charity and non-profit society, SUNIA works hard to keep its fees low and to provide funding opportunities for participants who demonstrate financial need.

If you would like to come to SUNIA but need some help paying the participation fee there are a few ways we can help you.

Please note: You must be registered to be considered for these opportunities. If you have any questions regarding the sponsorship process, please contact our Registrar, Luke Melenberg.


Community Sponsorship

Businesses and individuals are often willing to sponsor students to attend SUNIA. As a registered charity, SUNIA can provide charitable receipts for any sponsorship donations made to the program. Ask our registrar about how someone can make a donation eligible for a charitable receipt.

SUNIA has a sponsorship package to help you find a sponsor. This package includes a list of suggested sponsors, a letter template for you, and a letter from our registrar to help you in your funding quest.


Alberta Teachers’ Association Scholarships

Several locals of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) provide full or partial funding to students in their districts. Here is a list of ATAs that are sponsoring students to attend SUNIA in 2015:

  • Edmonton Public Local No. 37 is providing funding in full for a student from each Edmonton Public high school. Please contact your school’s Social Studies department head if you are interested in this funding.
  • Wetaskiwin Local No. 18 is providing funding in full for one student from any Wetaskiwin Public high school. To apply, please complete the application on their website.
  • Calgary Separate Local No. 55 is providing funding in full for two students from any Calgary Separate high school. To apply, please complete the application on our website.
  • Fort Vermilion School District is providing funding in full for three students from any Fort Vermilion high school. Please contact Wendy Morris, School Engagement Coordinator, for details.

UNAC- Edmonton Award

The Edmonton Branch of the United Nations Association in Canada has provided the Bertha Lawrence Memorial Award for one student to attend SUNIA in 2015. This scholarship will cover SUNIA’s Participation Fee ($475). To apply for this Award, please complete the application before May 17th, 2015.



In addition to our scholarships which are open to all students, SUNIA has bursaries available to assist students with financial need with attending our program. For more information and to apply please visit the Bursaries tab.