SUNIA Staff 2013 with guests from the United Nations.

SUNIA Staff posing with 2014 United Nations guests Matthias Klettermayer (third from the right) and Miguel Ladera (second from the right) and Department of National Defence guest Bryon Dempsey (far right).


Niki Bains
Helen Cashman
Luke Melenberg
Melissa Schmidt
Beatriz Henriques
Abraham Almaouie
Adam Summerfelt
Hassan Mulji
Lindsey Nkem
Mathew Borowka
Victor Frunza
Emma Jones
Autumn Moronchuk
Salmaan Rashiq

Counsellors, all of whom have been Seminar participants, are fully aware of their responsibilities to provide direction, supervision, and assistance in programme areas. Please feel free to contact the counsellors with any questions or concerns you may have!