The academic portion of SUNIA’s programme is anything but by-the-book! Students partake in interactive simulations, hands-on experiences, and energetic discussions. You will also have the chance to represent a member state in a mock UN Security Council, tackle issues of development as you create policies as the government of a developing country, and investigate the complexities surrounding immigration and its effect on interactions and cultural identity.




Our Program Features:

  • A Model United Nations Security Council
  • Speakers from the United Nations and Canadian Department of National Defence
  • Development and Contemporary Issues Simulations
  • Discussion groups
  • Seminars
  • Press conferences


On hand to help participants understand the intricacies of international diplomacy are representatives from the United Nations and peacekeepers from the Canadian Department of National Defence. Experts in their respective fields with many years of real-life experience to share, these representatives are available in group lectures, smaller seminars, and for one-on-one discussions, even in the dinner line. While some of your learning experience at SUNIA will be spent in larger group settings, most of your time is spent actively working in smaller team environments to find creative solutions to global problems.