How to Get to SUNIA

Students from Alberta:

There are two ways that you can choose to get SUNIA (located at the Goldeye Centre in Nordegg, AB).

1) Recommended: Take the bus provided by SUNIA from Red Deer to the Goldeye Centre.  This bus leaves for SUNIA from the Greyhound Bus Station, 4303 Gaetz Avenue, Red Deer, Alberta.

If you will require a ride to Red Deer please contact our registrar, Adam Summerfelt, and he will arrange a carpool for you with another participant attending the same week of SUNIA as you.

Bus Information: Please be at the bus station by 4:00pm on Sunday (August 14 for week A, August 21 for week B). The bus will leave the station by approximately 5:00pm. The bus will return to Red Deer on Friday (August 19 for week A, August 26 for week B) at approximately 4:00pm. Please make sure that you arrange a ride from Red Deer to your home.

2) You can also choose to have a parent drive you to the Goldeye Centre directly.

If you are able to drive yourself, SUNIA has a parking lot where you may leave your vehicle for the week (please note that access to your vehicle will be prohibited during the week).

Please plan to arrive at the Goldeye Centre between 6:00 and 6:30pm

Students from elsewhere:

If you are coming from somewhere outside of central Alberta you will need to book a flights to and from Edmonton at your own cost. We recommend that you fly in the Saturday before SUNIA begins and fly out the Saturday after SUNIA ends. As SUNIA runs Sunday to Friday afternoon, this will ensure that you can catch both of your flights with ease. Please contact our Executive Director, Helen Cashman, if you have any questions regarding your flights.

You’ll need somewhere to stay the night before and the night after SUNIA. We will happily arrange a billet for you with the family of a fellow participant attending the same week of SUNIA as you. Please contact our registrar, Adam Summerfelt for assistance in arranging a billet. SUNIA will also arrange carpools for you to and from the bus in Red Deer, AB.