An Ode to Cats!

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For the past few years of my life, my friends and family have all lovingly told me that I am doomed to a future of being a crazy cat lady (sort of like the one from The Simpsons who goes around throwing cats at people!) While on some level, I probably should take some offence to the fact that these people think the only things that could ever love me are furry little felines, but really… I don”t think it would be so bad.

I love cats, and think they”re pretty swell. Have you ever been in a bad mood, and then amidst your bored and solemn youtube-ing come across a funny picture or video of a cat doing something ridiculous? Brightens my day every time! How can you not help but laugh at the ridiculous things these majestic creatures do?

In general, I”d like to dedicate this post to felines of all kinds. Beyond just the common house cat that we all know and love are a number of furry friends. And now, for your enjoyment I shall give a brief description/biography of several of my favourite types of cats.

The Lion: Classic. King of the Jungle. Ruler of the Savannah. Fierce. Majestic. Enough said.


The Jaguar: The third biggest of all cats and the only panther in the America”s! Its spots may deceive you into thinking it”s a leopard, but don”t be fooled! They”re bigger and sturdier than a leopard, and their behaviours are actually closer to that of the tiger!

The Tiger: Black, orange, and white, the tiger is the biggest of all the cats! It”s also a dwindling species, with the total number of tigers in the world estimated to be between 3000 and 4000.

The Liger: Don”t worry you read this right! It isn”t simply a made up mythical species, or perhaps the weird musings from Napoleon Dynamite. The liger is in fact the offspring of a male lion and female tiger! Unfortunately, they are born fertile so it seems the world won”t be overrun by a rampant race of these crazy creatures anytime soon. (Don”t forget about the tiglon by Tanya BonsChoosing a truck driving school supplies is not difficult when you know the right factors to consider. either. That”s when the lion is female and the tiger is male!)

The Lynx: Usually solitary, various species of these medium sized cats like to roam a number of different territories, from Canada”s cold tundra”s to the forests of Siberia.

Who do you never want to play cards with? The Cheetah! Not only is he going to be able to catch you if you try and run away, but this fearsome beast can get going to up speeds of 100km/h in as little as three seconds! Yikes!


The Ocelot: These furry little fellas are amongst the smaller of the cats, and when compared to the bigger members of their families, can certainly be overshadowed a bit. Sometimes known as the dwarf leopard, and generally ranging in size from 68cm to a meter, you might be tempted to keep one as a pet, like Salvador Dali did. Watch out though, they still can bite!

These are only a few of my most favourite cats. For all you fans of cougars, wildcats, jungle cats, leopards, mountain lions, and all the wonderful species of cats out there, don”t feel neglected! Take some time and google them and appreciate them to their fullest.

Well, I hope you”ve enjoyed my little exploration of a beautiful family of animals. Whether it be a documentary on the discovery channel, a motivation poster on your wall or a funny video on the internet, let the joy of cats be with you always!